We make the dream of starting your own company a reality.

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My name is Bec, CEO of Hatch Bali

I’ve spent 20 years in creative industries and innovation teams, the last 3 at Tigerspike running design-led workshops to bring disruptive products to life for big brands. We built digital banks in Indonesia, new mobile insurance offerings in Hong Kong and new ways for the United Nations to efficiently distribute food. While doing this I also launched 2 restaurants, a bar in Cambodia and beach club in Bali and created a new human being.

I have distilled all of my knowledge and experience into an approach that gives products and companies the best chance of succeeding. This approach is a four-week creative outcome driven engagement to develop your idea and launch it. You will have a team of strategy, creative and exited founders focused on hatching your idea to branding and prototype stage through to pitching for funding. An earlier iteration of this approach was used two years ago to launch Bambu.

What interests me is how millions can be spent missing the mark while home runs can be scored for almost nothing.

What makes me happy is using my experience and long time friendship with Luke Janssen (my mentor and soon to be yours!) to create an offer that can help people realise their dreams. Being able to help people realise their dreams and be a part of the purpose and fulfilment they feel creating their own company is what gets me out of bed in the morning... and my daughter Sabre of course. She wakes me up too. Probably more.

What you get

In addition to a transformational private workshop week in Bali you will get everything you need to launch the business or raise money if that’s what you want to do. Read more here.


“Starting a company is creating something. It is a creative endeavour, and that is always worth doing”

LUKE JANSSEN  |  Entrepreneur. MENTOR.

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Who we work with

We find passionate people and we work with them to build great businesses together. We can help you make your idea better or come up with one from scratch. It is often easiest to start in an area you are an expert in. This can be something that annoys you about your job, or some problem your company can't seem to solve, or some waste that your company generates that you believe has value. Or maybe you just have a great idea that is nothing to do with your work and want to make it happen but need someone to help you. We draw on our knowledge, experience, contacts to give you the best chance of starting your business successfully.